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Transforming lives through our proprietary nano-technology CBD and age-reversal products…

Helping achieve optimal health and abundant success by empowering and equipping others to be advocates for a purpose driven life of health, wealth and gratitude. We do all this through the talents and blessings given to us by the grace of God.

“His success is the result of serving and making a positive difference in other peoples lives.”

Greg Montoya


Greg Montoya is a successful entrepreneur and business development professional specializing in direct response advertising. He helped build and lead one of the largest independent online work-at-home sales forces in the USA. Greg’s turn-key automated conventional and online marketing systems have collectively helped generate approximately $374 million dollars in sales globally.

Greg is also the co-founder of numerous other successful direct marketing businesses throughout the nation offering business consulting services, anti-aging and weight loss education/resources, high-end nutraceuticals and social media/recommendation marketing. He’s also the co-founder/owner of a tiny house on wheels manufacturing company. Greg is well respected for international leadership in entrepreneurial development and business expansion.

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Recognized by High Times as an award winner for “Best CBD Isolate.” 

Jared Berry


For more than a decade, Jared Berry’s fearless leadership and entrepreneurial vision have helped the modern hemp industry take shape with a series of unparalleled firsts. In 2011, after years of research and development, Jared successfully introduced into commercial use the first-ever hemp-derived, pharmaceutical grade 99% pure crystalline CBD isolate.

One year later, his pioneering vision and boldness led to the release of a breakthrough in transdermal delivery and bioavailability of this pharmaceutical grade material with a Micro-Encapsulated liposomal technology. This time-release delivery system would unlock the topical benefits of this powerful substance becoming first-ever OTC Compliant CBD Topical Pain Cream.

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