Becoming an Affiliate is Fast and Easy. It’s FREE To Register and There are NO Financial Requirements to Maintain Your Affiliate Status. Simply Fill Out the Form Below, Share Your Link and Start Making Money. It’s That Simple!

NEWYOU Customers Can Purchase Through an Affiliate Link Given to Them by a Registered Affiliate.

NEWYOU Affiliates Will Receive Savings on Their Personal Purchases by Using a Special Discount Code That They Will Receive After Becoming an Affiliate.

Affiliates at Their Own Discretion Can Choose to Offer Their Customers Special Discount Codes. Affiliate Commissions Will be Paid on the Total Sales Amount of Each Customer Transaction, Minus any Discounts Given to Them by the Affiliate via a Discount Code.

NEWYOU affiliates will receive the following commissions once registered as an affiliate:

NEWYOU affiliate will receive 20% commission from Personal Sales made from their website.

NEWYOU affiliate will receive 20% commission from each of their customer sales referred to their website.

NEWYOU affiliate will receive 20% commission from each customer sale or personal purchase made from their level-1 sponsored affiliate registered directly under them.

NEWYOU affiliate will receive 5% commission from each customer sale or personal purchase made from their level-2 sponsored affiliate registered directly under their level-1 affiliate.

CAUTION: Commissions will only be paid on sales by customers or affiliates if they are generated on an Affiliates Personalized Web Link. 

Affiliates Will Have Access To Other Special Discount Codes and Various Marketing Campaigns to Use With Their Team Members and Customers. Discount Codes and Campaigns are Subject to Change Based on Company and Market Needs.

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