A Natural Way to Give Your BodyTHE CBD & SLEEP IT CRAVES
1250 MG of Pure Full-Spectrum Phytocannabinoids
550 MG of Pure Multi-Spectrum PhytocannabinoidsA TINCTURE LIKE NO OTHER
10X Stronger per MG than our Competitors’ Products
THE FIRST EVERWater-Soluble Full Spectrum CBD
PAMPER YOUR PETwith a drop of wellness
of CBD Energy availableAs close to an IV infusion

Our Products: Many Ways your Body will Thank You…One Way your Pet will

What is Nano-Amplification? A revolutionary process that naturally makes our CannaBD isolate more bioavailable and active in the body, as well as tasteless, odorless and colorless:

  1. We take a larger isolate particle
  2. We amplify it through a natural process that breaks it into hundreds of thousands of extremely small individual particles
  3. Upon amplification, we use a technique to encase these smaller particles into highly active nano-size water clusters—the size that can penetrate cell membranes.

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