What is the Wholesale Distributor Program?

The Distributor program is a “SISTER” to the Affiliate Program. Each has its own unique products, pricing and commission structure. As a Distributor you can purchase a ProPack for $1,000 plus shipping and receive the products at deeply discounted “Distributor” prices which are 30% lower than wholesale. Then, you offer these products to storefronts in your area at a wholesale discount and the store sells the products at retail prices.

Here is an example:

The Distributor price for a 12-pack case of FOCUS shots is only $17.30 (or $1.45/shot). The store pays $2.50/shot and the Distributor earns the difference between their cost and what the store paid. Then the store charges retail ($3.99/shot for example) and the store earns the difference between $2.50/shot paid and $3.99/shot that the product sold for.

How Do I Register as a Wholesale Distributor?

  • You must be logged out of your Affiliate website (if you have one) in order to register as a Distributor.
  • Click the Wholesale Distributor Registration link at the bottom of the page.  Be sure to use a different username, password and email address than that of the Affiliate program.
  • Once registered you’ll receive an email mentioning your Distributorship is “pending approval”. This is to ensure the information was submitted properly including tax information (social security or business EIN number).
  • Once approved, just click the SHOP tab and build your pack by clicking quantities of the various products totaling $1000 or more.
  • After your first order of $1,000, you can then build packs for a minimum of $500 thereafter.
  • You’ll notice that the products sold as an Affiliate are not the same as a Distributor. The Distributor products have been deeply discounted and, because of this, this pay structure would not work on the Affiliate side.
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