Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Oil – What’s the Difference?

There are many terms that get thrown around when you’re first learning the in’s and out’s of hemp seed oil products.

by Greg Montoya

When you go to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, there are lots of products containing hemp seeds and hemp seed oils. For example, you can buy hemp seeds for salads, or soaps and lotions containing hemp seed oil, as well as good ole’ hemp oil to cook with. 

But the garden variety of hemp oil you see in most products comes from the industrial hemp plant; and the oil from this type of hemp is cold-pressed from the seeds to extract the oil.

Not to worry, here are some of the basics to help you navigate this new ground.

Hemp seed oil contains ZERO cannabinoids, as there’s NO CBD and NO THC. So, you won’t get the healthy benefits of CBD.


– Hemp seeds are very nutritious and high in protein,

– The oil is high in unsaturated fats,

– Both the seeds and oil are high in antioxidants, and

– They contain the perfect ratio of Omegas 3, 6 and 9.

So from a healthy living standpoint, it’s a great addition to your shopping list!

CBD – Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil – The “Motherload” of…

This is where you can get a motherload of CBD!

CBD oil is extracted from a phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) flowering strain of the industrial hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa) known as PCR Hemp oil. 

NEWYOU only uses PCR Hemp. Why? Because:

  • It’s extremely high in Cannabidiol,
  • It contains NO negligible amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), and
  • These strains of plants also have a very high concentration of CBD. 

Cannabis Sativa (PCR Hemp) does NOT “bud” like its high THC counterpart, Cannabis Indica. Cultivators do not grow PCR Hemp to produce buds, so it lacks the primary component that forms the marijuana high. Instead, they grow it in compliance with the Farm Bill Act to produce higher concentrations of Cannabidiol Oil. 

CBD oil can then be mixed with hemp seed oil, MCT, avocado or other types of carrier oils, to activate further bioavailability and digestion. CBD oil-containing products come in many different forms: tinctures, capsules, salves, serums, food and beverages.

newyou hemp seed oil cbd graph

4 KEY Components You’ll Want to be Familiar With When Talking About CBD Oil:

1) Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil retains all the original concentrations of cannabinoids, essential oils and terpenes as found in Nature. Full-Spectrum CBD Oil has some filtration and distillation to remove undesirable components… It’s as close to raw as you can get.

2) CBD Isolate

The most pure form of CBD is Isolate. The purification process removes all the ancillary terpenes and other phytocannabinoids and isolates CBD into solid crystals that are colorless, tasteless and odorless. 

NEWYOU goes beyond standard CBD Isolate by using a  Nano-Amplified™ technology to reduce the CBD isolate particle size into nano-size water molecules, making our CannaBD™ not only water soluble, but more bioavailable and potent than competing products on the market.

3) Full-Spectrum vs CBD Isolate: What’s the Difference?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of the many exogenous Cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa or Industrial Hemp. There are hundreds of other cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in Hemp; and when you select a Full-Spectrum version you are getting all these beneficial compounds in the same ratios as God intended. 

Experts Believe a Full-Spectrum Version Provides an “Entourage Effect”

Simply, this effect occurs when all the components of the hemp plant work synergistically together to multiply, enhance and activate each other, thus increasing the health benefits and improving the functioning of your Endocannabinoid System. 

Full-Spectrum oils tend to cost more than their CBD isolate counterparts as they contain all the plant compounds. NEWYOU offers a Full-Spectrum Canna-Active product called CB2 Plus.

CBD Isolate is Just That—The Isolated CBD Compound 

While CBD from Cannabis Sativa or Industrial Hemp, may have some negligible amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), when CBD is isolated any and all trace amounts are removed, as well as other ancillary plant materials, giving you the “purest” form of CBD available! 

Isolating CBD Yields Higher Concentrations of CBD Using Smaller Amounts

Many CBD enthusiasts and health professionals believe CBD isolates amplify the healing properties of the Cannabinoid. That’s why NEWYOU uses CBD isolates in many of our products.

4) Cannabis Oil

When you hear the words “Medical Marijuana” this is where cannabis oil comes into play. Cannabis oil is extracted from the Marijuana plant called Cannabis Indica. It contains high levels of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinols, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological or “psychoactive” effects. This type of oil also has very low levels of CBD.

Cannabis oil is regulated in most states, either as medical marijuana or recreational marijuana.

The Bottom Line…

Just remember Hemp is not “Marijuana” and Hemp Seed Oil and CBD oil come in many shapes and forms. 

So be an educated consumer and enjoy the MANY wellness benefits that hemp and CBD have to offer… Your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) will thank you!

CB2 Plus Gold

And if you’re looking for the best Full-Spectrum CBD Oil on the market that will give you all the many benefits of the Hemp Plant and more, there’s no need to look further than NEWYOU’s CB2 Plus, The Gold Standard of CBD Oils!


Hemp Oil

The CBD Industry and Cannabis Industry Enter a New Phase of Significant Growth with Global Markets Estimated to Reach $1 Trillion Annually by 2030

CBD is getting a legal green light and heralded as one of the fastest growing nutritional trends seen in decades. The so-called Cannabis “Gold Rush” is entering a phase of significant growth. That’s far outpacing earlier expectations in the CBD Industry.

by Greg Montoya

According to CBD Industry experts, more than 20 Cannabis and CBD companies have now reached the $1 Billion mark. Also, many more are rapidly moving that way.

Some of the biggest players with the largest recorded growth are in the U.S. And, only a handful of those companies even existed a few years ago.

newyou cbd industry stock market

U.S. CBD and Cannabis stock prices are soaring with word that the U.S. Congress is looking to push through Cannabis friendly legislation over the coming months including a bill that would allow for federal Cannabis banking.

CBD Industry analysts suggest next year’s revenue is expected to be “nothing short of remarkable!”

This is good news for CBD-based companies like NEWYOU that are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the anticipated growth with innovative products and opportunities. NEWYOU enables the average person to benefit from working from home through our lucrative CBD online affiliate program.

It’s been said that in business timing is everything. How many times have you looked back and said… “I wish I would have taken action when I first heard about that?” Could this be one of those times?

NEWYOU is literally at the ground floor of the oncoming tidal wave of growth. Newly released estimates indicate that the CBD Industry and Cannabis global health and wellness industry could reach $1 Trillion annually by 2030.

If you didn’t know you were in the right place at the right time… YOU Do Now!


Cannabidiol CBD Market

NEWYOU‘S Proprietary Nano CBD Technology Makes CBD 10X More Effective Than Standard Tinctures. Here’s How…

In the marketplace of CBD, the word Nano gets thrown around a lot, creating unnecessary confusion for consumers.

by Greg Montoya

So with the help of NEWYOU’s Product Development and Procurement Expert, Pualani Armstrong, our goal here is to debunk that confusion, and clear the air on: 

  • Why size is extremely important, and why smaller is better when it comes to Nano CBD, and
  • Why NEWYOU’s Nano-Amplified™ technology that creates extremely tiny micro-sized particles has CBD consumers and experts buzzing with excitement!

What is Nano and Why is it Important? 

ARMSTRONG: “Nano” or Nano-Technology is the science, engineering, and technology of making things extremely small.

Specifically, we’re talking about bringing the size of something down to the Nano-Scale, which is in the range of about 1 to 100 Nano-Meters.

Nano-Technology may sound scary, but it’s used extensively by the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries for many reasons.

By Nano-Encapsulating active ingredients, and then creating an advanced delivery system using Nano-Emulsions, companies can dramatically increase the bioavailability and stability of their products. Also, in some cases it can offer a controlled release effect. 

“Ultimately, the goal is to protect active ingredients, make them more bioavailable and get them to the appropriate delivery points quickly and efficiently.”

What Is Nano CBD? 

ARMSTRONG: Using proprietary Nano-Encapsulation technology (NewYou’s Nano-Amplified™ technology), we enhance the bioavailability of Cannabidiol (CBD) by reducing the particle size and converting the CBD into a water-soluble delivery form. This is more easily assimilated by the body so that we can achieve maximum efficacy and greater health and wellness benefits… the end result is Nano CBD!

Why Use Nano CBD?

ARMSTRONG: Nano-Encapsulation is the “best way” to guarantee maximum bioavailability of any active ingredient. It also opens the door to a range of new formulations by creating a water-soluble ingredient. When it comes to absorption, research has shown that we may lose up to 90% of active ingredients by way of conventional delivery. This is via the GI tract and through the liver where active ingredients are broken down for assimilation.

Nano CBD Benefits The Body by Offering a Direct Path to Cells… 

Because in a Nano-Encapsulated form the CBD can cross the blood-brain barrier more quickly, bypassing the GI tract entirely. Essentially it gets CBD to the cell receptor sites as quickly as possible, with minimal loss along the way. 

The reason “Nano-Amplification” is important is because CBD by itself is an oily resin. It’s made up of large particle clusters of millions of individual CBD molecules. Since these particles are so large, they typically have to follow the usual path of digestion. This is going from the mouth, to the stomach, to the liver, so they can finally be broken down and assimilated by the body –  this process can result in a lot of waste and in reality is a very inefficient process..

Our Nano-Technology Makes Us Much More Efficient In How We Deliver CBD… 

Meaning that it safely breaks down each CBD particle cluster into its smallest form first. This is without affecting the molecular structure so that we can achieve higher bioavailability, targeted function, and ultimately a more powerful therapeutic effect. 

I like to use an analogy here…

  • IMAGINE that we are on a soccer field and a CBD particle cluster is the soccer ball and your cell membrane is the net designed to stop the soccer ball. Like the net, our cell membrane is a highly selective barrier designed to stop things from passing through. If we wanted to get the ball through the net, we could try reducing its size first.
  • Then IMAGINE, If we were to replace the soccer ball with a softball we might have a better chance of getting it through the netting. Now how about a golf ball? Better yet… What if instead we could throw handfuls of marbles at the net? If we threw marbles, there’s a good chance most of them would make it through that netting.

Well that’s essentially what’s happening with the body when we use a Nano CBD product. The CBD is still CBD, however we are reducing its size so it has a greater chance of permeating the cell membrane… just like those marbles! 

We know now that:

  • Bioavailability of Nano-Emulsified CBD molecules is somewhere around 7-10 times higher than that of traditional CBD, and
  • Has absorption rates of 80-90% when in the bloodstream compared to about 35% in conventional form. So, this is truly where the benefits lie. 

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Nano CBD? 

ARMSTRONG: There is a common misconception that Nano-Processing affects the molecular structure of the CBD or impacts its efficacy negatively.” But that’s not correct, as we are not affecting the molecular structure of the CBD molecule at all. 

The CBD remains CBD and retains all its molecular  properties and health benefits. Instead, we are making each individual particle cluster of CBD significantly smaller. This way it can be broken down very quickly so that the individual CBD molecules can quickly reach the CB receptors, which really is a very good thing.

It’s Taken Years of R&D to Get it Right. When Your CBD is Nano-Amplified™ You Can be Assured it’s Reaching its Target – Your Body’s Cells.

Since we have so many more individual molecules now we also have the added benefit of greater surface area. So, each molecule can do more work. NEWYOU’s proprietary Nano-Amplified™ technology is really one of the best Nano processes in the industry.

So, How Do We Do It? 

ARMSTRONG: Well, without sharing too much of NEWYOU’s  “intel” we use concentrated energy waves to break apart the large particles of CBD. This reduces their size down to the Nano-Scale. At this point, we have to prevent the individual molecules and particle clusters from finding their way back to each other.

So, to keep those CBD molecules from bunching up again we use a proprietary blend of natural encapsulating agents to wrap the oil loving CBD molecules in a bubble like membrane. That has an affinity for both water and fat. 

The process of encapsulation is very critical as it protects and keeps the CBD in its smallest particle form. Also, results in a water soluble solution of CBD that is “Nano-Amplified” and can be used in any liquid based formula.

With every Nano-amplified™ CBD product created there’s a certain level of “good vibrations” added so to speak.

Why Did NEWYOU Choose to Use Nano-Amplified™ CBD? 

ARMSTRONG: As a manufacturer, we are always looking to create value for our customers and create products that are not only effective, but that won’t break the bank. We started with the end user in mind. Also, we knew that we had to create products that were most importantly effective, easy to use, and that tasted great.

Using our Nano-Amplified™ Technology allowed us to be incredibly efficient with how we use CBD in our products. More importantly, opened up so many options for the type of products we could create. 

When working with traditional CBD you’re really limited to oil based products. This is because as we all know oil and water don’t mix well so  using a traditional CBD oil or isolate in a water based product really isn’t a good solution so we knew we had to come up with something better.

By Increasing the Bioavailability of Our Products and Limiting Unnecessary Waste We Were Able to Bring Down Our Product Costs to the End Consumer…

By using less CBD than what would typically be required to achieve the same results. 

You’ll see that our Nano CBD products contain less mgs of CBD per unit than the standard CBD oil products. This is because we know our Nano CBD will be more bioavailable. Meaning, you need less of it to achieve the same results.

Nano CBD products on a mg-mg basis can be slightly more expensive than traditional CBD. But, typically Nano CBD products really are more cost effective in the long haul  because you need less CBD to achieve the same results. So there is definitely a cost savings as well. 

What are the Benefits of Nano CBD like Nano-Amplified™ to the User?

ARMSTRONG: Nano CBD bypasses the blood brain barrier without needing to hit the GI tract before it can be assimilated by the body. This means a more rapid onset and faster relief. Since Nano CBD is water-soluble there are many more product options available to consumers now. 

This new delivery system has really allowed users to find products that fit into their daily routines so they can get all the benefits of daily CBD supplementation from products that are convenient and easy to use. 

When it comes to health and wellness and making real life changes to become a “NEW YOU” you have to have products that you enjoy using. So that you’ll stick with them and really reap the long-term benefits.

Is There a Difference Between “Water-Soluble” and “Nano?”

ARMSTRONG: Yes… Definitely. There are many ways to convert CBD isolates and oil extracts into “water-soluble” forms. Nano-Encapsulation like our Nano-Amplified™ technology is one of the ways of achieving this. But, while Nano CBD is water-soluble, NOT all water-soluble products have been Nano-Encapsulated.

Concerning absorption and bioavailability, they are very different materials. You won’t get the increased absorption and the benefits of the greater bioavailability with a standard water-soluble CBD. 

How is Our Nano Different From Those of Our Competitors? 

ARMSTRONG: Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad science concerning CBD in and of itself. And, even more concerning, Nano CBD products. There are various processes that can be used to Nano-Encapsulate active ingredients like CBD. But, unfortunately many of these processes use questionable chemical encapsulates that are questionable at best. It took NEWYOU a long time and many years of Research and Development to perfect and create.

We were able to stay true to our mission of bringing health and wellness to the world and create our proprietary Nano material. It utilizes 100% natural encapsulating agents and truly maintains all the health and wellness benefits of CBD without unnecessary loss.

Plus, all NEWYOU products including our Nano-Amplified™ CBD products are made from pure hemp oil extracts – from registered US farms. Our hemp oil extracts are naturally processed using CO2 super critical extraction and tested (and retested) for potency and safety at a third party accredited laboratory.  

Can You Get High From Our Nano CBD? 

ARMSTRONG: No! We utilize a pure CBD isolate to make NEWYOU’s Nano-Amplified™ CBD. This means it is still THC-Free and can really be used by anyone anywhere. To support our quality pledge all of our raw materials undergo rigorous lab testing before being introduced into any product.

Once the final product is produced we conduct another round of testing to ensure that the CBD potency on the label matches what’s in the bottle. You can find these results on our COAs.

Take the Nano CBD Challenge!

Now that we’ve debunked the confusion, and cleared the air on:

  • Why size is extremely important, and why smaller is better when it comes to Nano CBD, and
  • Why NEWYOU’s Nano-Amplified™ technology that creates extremely tiny micro-sized particles has CBD consumers and experts buzzing with excitement.

It’s time to take the Nano CBD Challenge and try one of NEWYOU’S Nano-Amplified™ products, RISK-FREE!

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About Pualani Armstrong:

Pualani Armstrong Nano cbd

NEWYOU’s Product Development and Procurement Expert

Pualani Armstrong started her career in product development working alongside a team of chemists. It involved creating a portfolio of efficacious skincare formulas for a contract manufacturer. Since 2015, she has worked exclusively in the CBD industry. She analyzes consumer trends to predict the next big thing in product formula, function, and delivery. This honed her passion for innovation and brand development along the way.

Her professional work with CBD has contributed to the growth of some of the most widely recognized brands in the Cannabis industry today. Also, her career achievements include the successful launch of over 30 new topical and oral CBD formulas including the first clinically tested CBD skincare line.

Pualani’s wealth of industry knowledge, technical skills, and scientific training, make her a valuable asset to NEWYOU. She works to identify new consumer trends and manage product development from creation to distribution.