Why Pets Need a Little TLC with CBD

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Americans spend big bucks on taking care of their pets, from…

  • Veterinary services,
  • Grooming, to
  • High-quality food and treats.

It’s a Whopping $60 Billion Market Each Year!

We love our pets, and we love giving them lots of TLC, “Tender Loving Care”.

So, let’s explore why Pet Owners are now enthusiastically looking at another important component to add to their pets’ health and well-being – CBD.

by Greg Montoya

Why CBD for Pets? It Has Everything to do With the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Some people look like their pets, it’s funny and sometimes true. However, you share more in common with your pet than you might think. Like you, animals have an Endocannabinoid System. Therefore, they can benefit from Cannabinoids in many of the same ways that people do. 

The Endocannabinoid System, often referred to with another three letter acronym, ECS, is one of the most important physiologic systems involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Endocannabinoids and their receptors (CB1 Nervous System and CB2 Immune System) are found throughout the body. These include the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. 

With receptors in so many places in the body, research shows they play a significant role in regulating many bodily functions in you and your pet like: 

  • Sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Mood
  • Appetite
  • Immunity
  • Pain
  • Cognition 
  • And more! 

So, when your pet is feeling anxious or has some aging aches and pains just like you, CBD may help them like it helps you.

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What the Science Says

Animals continue to suffer from many of the same health issues that we do like anxiety, pain, skin sensitivity, seizures, obesity and more. While most pet owners treat their pets like family, many of them have no idea that their pets can benefit from CBD. 

Emerging research shows it can! According to one on-going study being done at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Phytocannabinoids like CBD can reduce anxiety, pain, and seizure disorders, as well as reduce aggression. 

Another clinical study completed at Cornell and submitted to the 2017 American College of Veterinary Surgeons Summit, indicated that as little as 2 mgs of CBD oil twice daily increased the comfort and activity in dogs with osteoarthritis.

So, when it comes to CBD and your pets, the science is welcomed news.

Potential Benefits of CBD for Pets:

  • Anxiety – CBD is thought to ease nervousness and provide calmness.
  • Pain – Studies have shown that CBD helps reduce joint inflammation which relieves osteoarthritis aches and pains in pets.
  • Skin Sensitivity – CBD may help with noses, paw pads and toe sores which can get irritated, dry, and sensitive.
  • Seizures – CBD may help prevent nerves in the brain from firing too much by lowering the excessive number of electrolytes believed to have a role in seizure conditions.
  • Sleep – Chronic pain, environmental stress and anxiety can all have negative impacts on your pet’s ability to sleep. As with people, CBD may also help your Furry Friends with getting to sleep.

Get the Right CBD Product for Your Pets

When it comes to finding the right Cannabidiol (CBD) products for your Pets there’s just a couple things to keep in mind:

  • For daily use, many pet owners are looking for CBD products that are THC-free.
  • They also want CBD products that are high quality.
  • And, are easy to add to their pet’s diets.
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NEWYOU’s DROPS for PETS could potentially help all of these conditions and more:

  • It’s so easy to use – just squirt it into your pet’s water daily!
  • One-stop solution.
  • The product is THC-FREE.
  • Comes in a pet friendly 50 mg dosage.
  • It is tasteless so you can add to anything your pet consumes. Even the pickiest of Pets love NEWYOU DROPS for PETS.

Life can be as “RUFF” for our furry and non-furry friends as it is for us. So, it’s nice to know that there’s some natural relief for them, too. Birds of a feather DROP together, as do Cats, Dogs, other Mammals and even Reptiles, too. Keep the animals you love in tip-top shape from head to tail.


CBD for Pets

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